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New Disclosure Obligations for Commercial Lenders Now in Effect in California

California’s new commercial financing disclosure regulations became effective on December 9, 2022. The new rules, proposed by the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (DFPI), extend consumer-like protections to small businesses seeking commercial financing. Let’s look at the new disclosure requirements and how they impact merchant cash advance (MCA) providers.  Commercial Transactions Impacted By California’s […]

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Reasons To Avoid Merchant Cash Advances

Business owners often need quick access to working capital to cover payroll, expand their businesses, or pay unexpected expenses. Merchant cash advances may be a solution to cash flow shortages, but there are risks, not the least of which is defaulting. A merchant cash advance (MCA) is a financing agreement in which a percentage of […]

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Should My Franchise Take A Merchant Cash Advance?

Running a franchise can be lucrative if you have steady sales and access to working capital. While a merchant cash advance can help your franchise make payroll, acquire inventory, and cover expenses, expected and unexpected, there are risks. Let’s discuss whether or not your franchise should take a merchant cash advance (MCA). How MCAs Help […]

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Amazon Gets Into Merchant Cash Advance Game

Back in February, we reported DoorDash was set to offer merchant cash advances (here). Not to be outdone, Amazon recently announced it was getting into the merchant cash advance (MCA) market. These developments indicate the MCA business is swiftly moving online.  Whether lawmakers and regulators will be able to keep pace remains to be seen. […]

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Are Merchant Cash Advance Customers Consumers?

A merchant cash advance (MCA) is not a loan but the purchase and sale of future receivables in exchange for an upfront, lump-sum cash advance. Federal and state consumer laws do not strictly regulate these alternative funding products. These laws only cover natural persons and loans for personal or household purposes, such as credit cards […]

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MCA Providers May Face Racketeering Class Action Lawsuit

In October, a US District Court judge ruled that merchant cash advance (MCA) agreements barring small businesses from participating in class-action lawsuits may violate New York’s lending laws. This case highlights the increased scrutiny of merchant cash advances by federal regulators, state lawmakers, and the courts. The Backdrop In February, several businesses filed a racketeering […]

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Funding Options for Medical Practices

Long-term loans such as bank loans may not be the best option for medical practices. Today, more and more medical professionals are considering short-term funding options, such as lines of credit, invoice factoring, and merchant cash advances. Let’s look at the benefits and risks of each funding option. Business Lines of Credit Lines of credit […]

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